Stephen LeBlanc

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Thunder Head   Prairie Prince
"Thunder Head"
"Prairie Prince"


Tundra Trotter   Newbie
"Tundra Trotter"
"Little Texas"


Honey Bear   Silent Stalker
"Honey Bear"


Coming to Dance   Taking A Break
"Coming to Dance"


Old Ephriam   Buddy
"Old Ephriam"


Just Missed   Fishing Lesson
"Just Out of Reach"


Corporate Ladder   Noble One
"Corporate Ladder"


The Stud   High on a Mountain
"The Stud"


Come Sit With Me   Black Thunder
"Have You Talked With Me Today"


Monarch of the Plains   Desert Dancer
"Monarch of the Plains"


Making Tracks   Catch of the Day
"Making Tracks"


Slipping Away   Ice King
"Slipping Away"


Mountain Lion Lamp   King of the Crags
"The Sentinal Lamp"


American Pride   Lion of Judah
"America's Pride"


Hayburner   Splash Down


King I   King II
"King I"


Double Trouble   King of the Crags
"Double Trouble"


I'm the Boss   Black Death
"I'm the Boss"


I'm the Boss   Walks With Wisdom
"I Come in Peace"


Berry Fine Day   Resting Robin
"Berry Fine Day"


Grizzly Bear   Spring Fling
"Close Encounter"


Mountian Lion   Above the Rest
"Diablo Canyon"


Red Stag   Flushed
"Big Red"


Left Behind   Precoius
"Left Behind"


Sacred Totem   The Stud Study
"Sacred Totem"








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