Stephen LeBlanc

Monumental & Life-size pieces

I'm the Boss   King of the North
"I'm the Boss"
"King of the North"


Coming Home   Waiting for Daddy
"Coming Home"
"Waiting for Daddy"


Fishing Buddies   Hanging Around
"Fishing Buddies"
"Hanging Around"


The Stud   Summer Doe
"The Stud"


Honey Bear   High on a Mountain
Above the Rest III   Curious
"Above the Rest III "


Day Dreaming   Golfing
"Day Dreaming"
"Day at the Course"


Monarch of the Plains   When I Grow Up
"Monarch of the Plains"
"When I Grow Up"


Pather Creek Puma   Blackie
"Pather Creek Puma"


Prairie Partners   Midnight Callers
"Prairie Partners"
"Midnight Callers"



Busy Beaver   Under a Watchful Eye
"Busy Beaver"
"Under a Watchful Eye"





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